6 common Homeowner Insurance Myths Busted

Often homeowners insurance myths prevent people from acquiring the proper coverage they need. The industry has numerous misconceptions that can lead to coverage gaps and mistakes. Hence, having the appropriate knowledge can help you avoid potential issues. Here are a few common myths debunked: Myth 1: The homeowner insurance policy will cover all my belongings Read More

An In-Depth Look at Texas Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles are viewed as high-risk assets. Though they allow people to have fun traveling around, motorcycles have the potential to cause significant damage. Research shows motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to severe injuries in a collision than car drivers. This is especially true in Texas, where road conditions change frequently. Riding during warm months in Read More

How Does Business Insurance Cover Lost Wages During Interruption?

Any business can suffer downtime in a disaster, which can stop the flow of money. One way to protect your business from a financial shutdown is to get unique business insurance that covers lost revenue and wages. Here’s a look at business interruption insurance and how it can help your firm avoid a financial crisis. Read More

Explaining Auto Insurance Rates Following Not-at-Fault Accidents

Accidents are never pleasant experiences. Besides, the potential medical consequences, an auto accident can have a significant impact on insurance and result in dramatically increased premiums. Generally, the cost of auto insurance after an accident depends on who caused it. Continue reading to learn more about how auto accidents may affect your premiums especially when Read More

Coverage for Single Vehicle Accidents in Car Insurance

Car accidents don’t have to involve multiple vehicles. When an accident involves a single vehicle that ends in a collision with an object or hits something on the road, then it is known as a single-vehicle accident. This type of accident can be as dangerous and damaging as other types of accidents. So, if you Read More