5 Easy and Practical Ways to Protect Your Pipes

Frozen or burst pipes are perils that may be covered under your home insurance in Mesquite, TX. Though the damage caused may be covered, the cost of the repairs may not be. It is also an incredible inconvenience to be without water while the pipes are fixed. However, there are ways to be proactive and prevent burst pipes from happening. This article discusses some easy and practical ways to protect your pipes in winter. These tips can help prevent several disasters related to home insurance in Mesquite, TX.

  1. 65º F

    Maintaining a constant temperature is important. Setting thermostats in second homes and outbuildings to 65º F will prevent temperatures from dropping below freezing for any length of time. Keeping your home at a constant temperature will also save you money on your energy bills. If you have outbuildings that have water but are not used during the winter months, you can turn the water off at the main shut-off valve until next spring.

  2. Insulate the Walls

    Pipes that run through outside walls are more likely to freeze than those that run through the inside walls. So, when walls feel cool to the touch, it’s a good indicator that your outside walls may not have enough insulation. If you don’t have time to add regular insulation, you can use spray foam to fill in some gaps and add an extra layer of protection against the cool air.

  3. Insulate the Pipes

    The plumbing that goes through uninsulated areas of your home is just as likely to freeze as those that run along outside walls. However, you can insulate these pipes using foam snap-on insulation or heat tape that wraps around the pipes to keep them freezing during the coldest winter nights. The snap-on insulation will keep the cold air from getting next to the pipes, but the heat tape will keep them warm as long as it is plugged into an outlet.

  4. Take Advantage of Smart Technology and Home Automation

    If you have a home security system that uses smart technology, or home automation, there are thermostats and low-temperature sensors that monitor the temperature in your home. If any noticeable changes are detected, you will receive an alert through the app on your phone. In most cases, you will receive the warning early to prevent significant damage to your pipes.

  5. Winterize Hoses and Turn off Outside Spigots

    Before temperatures drop below freezing, disconnect your outside hoses and drain the water out of them. Winterizing your hoses prevents them from being damaged by the extreme cold. You will also want to turn any outside spigots off at the valve inside your home.

Keeping your pipes and plumbing protected from the cold air is important if you intend to avoid burst pipes. When you have questions about your home insurance in Mesquite, TX, call our insurance experts at Family Financial Insurance Group. We can resolve all your questions and re-evaluate your policy to ensure you have the type of coverage you need.

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