5 Holiday Safety Tips to Help Avoid Home Insurance Claims

The best way to ensure your home is safe this holiday season from fire and other problems is to do a thorough inspection. Just because you didn’t have issues last year doesn’t mean there won’t be fire risks this year. Let’s continue reading to learn how to avoid home insurance claims in the holiday season. Follow these holiday safety tips to feel more at ease and concentrate on celebrating with family and friends.

  1. Check Electrical Cords and Christmas Lights

    One of the most common ways fires start in the winter is when old electrical cords exhibit worn insulation. If bare wire is exposed, it can cause sparks to jump, in which flammable materials might catch on fire. It happens because people often take electricity for granted, thinking it’s a matter of switches working or not.

    Before you hang up Christmas lights, look at the cord carefully to see if there’s wear and tear. If not, go ahead and test the lights. But if you do see an exposed wire, do not attempt to use it again, and consider taking it to a recycler.

  2. Consider a Home Security System

    Another of the most essential holiday safety tips to remember is that burglaries increase toward the end of the year. Thieves try to capitalize on the holidays because that’s when people take vacations to see relatives. Investing in a home security system lowers burglary risks, even if you don’t plan on being away much from home.

    Some of the modern components of a home security system include alarms that send alerts to local authorities and surveillance cameras. The more robust your security is, the better chances you’ll have at lowering insurance rates due to decreased risks of theft.

  3. Clean Chimneys 

    Don’t assume starting a fire in your fireplace is safe. Be aware that tar and soot can build up in the chimney, leading to a fire if not cleaned correctly. You’ll need proper ventilation for the fireplace to work safely, so consult a chimney expert.

  4. Ask a Trusted Neighbor to Watch Your Home

    Even if your home is well protected with an alarm and monitoring system, you can further lower the risks of theft by asking a neighbor to watch your home. Making them aware you are away from home may cause them to pay attention more carefully to strangers lurking in the area.

  5. Have salt or ice melt on hand

    If you live in a snowy climate or where hail is expected in the winter, keep a salt or ice melt supply to put on walkways. It will help lower the temperature of ice. Ideally, your walkways will be clear and not wet or slippery.

Replace Fear with Insurance Protection from Family Financial Insurance Group

These simple holiday safety tips will reduce the odds of a winter disaster. Learn how insurance plays a vital role in lowering holiday risks by consulting our Family Financial Insurance Group experts. You can also call us at 972-270-1488 for your queries. Contact us today to stay safe.

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