5 Simple Tips on Preparing Your Home for Power Outages

Many states in the United States have at some point experienced power outages due to storms. This is one of the many reasons why home insurance is popular in the country. Home insurance protects the policyholder from the cost of repairing or rebuilding their home after a disaster. It requires that the policyholder pay monthly insurance costs for the agreement to hold.

The cost insurances can be reduced when certain upgrades are added to the house. This post contains some home insurance preparation tips to prepare your home from power outages. Read on to find out more!

  1. Install Alarms and Detectors

    Owning a backup generator is ideal for dealing with power outages. However, you can also invest in detectors and alarms. You can get a power outage alarm installed, and this kind of alarm notifies you of an outage in the form of text messages or email notifications. When you get such notifications, you can alert the electricity company.

  2. Invest in Surge Protectors

    Another way to prepare for your home from power outages is by investing in surge protectors. It is also a home insurance preparation tip. Extreme cases of power outage cause electrical surges, putting expensive appliances and equipment at risk of damage. A surge generator will channel the extra electrical power to the grounding wire and protect your appliance from damage.

  3. Try Using Solar Energy as an Alternative

    When you use solar energy, your home is not connected to the electrical grid, hence no damage during an electrical surge. Solar power is the newest green technology popular in states with frequent storms.

    Although it does not come cheap, you save yourself from utility bills and electrical surge damage. The only downside is that the amount of energy you consume depends on the level of sunshine and the size of your house.

  4. A Little Gutter Cleaning Will Help a Lot

    There are reasons why every home has rain gutters; to channel rainwater and melted snow from the roof. You should clean your gutters frequently to prevent debris from clogging them.

    A clean gutter is another home insurance preparation tip that helps prepare your home for a power outage. A clogged gutter during heavy and consistent rainfall is a brewing disaster, and you’d end up with a leaking roof and other water damage.

    If you do not welcome the idea of going up the roof to clean your gutter, you can get contractors to do it for you. You can also use a leaf blower or gutter scoop.

  5. Always Have an Emergency Kit Handy for Powercuts

    Even if you have a backup generator, there is no harm in having other options. Your emergency kit should contain flashlights, several batteries, a first aid kit, non-perishable food, and blankets. In worst-case scenarios, you may need gallons of water and medications.

Power outages happen without notice, and you should prepare properly for them. And these tips will help you prepare for it. Additionally, ensure that you are adequately covered by home insurance to cover you for any emergencies financially. In case you want to get your home insured, we’ve got you covered. At Family Financial Insurance Group, we have just the right coverage for you. Contact us today to get a quote for free.

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