Basic Tips to Ride Your Motorcycle Safely in a Group

Group riding is one of the most well-liked activities for motorcyclists. Many novice motorcycle riders choose to get a bike because they want to join a specific social group. As a new rider, you must observe some safety regulations and etiquette standards when you join a group.

Riding with close friends or family is one of the most enjoyable motorcycle experiences you can have. With a few essential tips, you can travel the open road together and take in the view while getting safely to your destination.

Hold a Pre-Ride Meeting

Having a planned meeting before the ride can help your group understand how to arrive at your destination or any rest stops along the route. To ensure that everyone is moving in the same direction, it is always a good idea for the group’s leader to have a motorcycle GPS.

Make Hand Gestures

Each rider in the group should be familiar with the basic hand signals. Riders can stay aware of what is happening around them by exchanging signals during a ride. These signals should be the subject of a brief discussion and possibly a show-and-tell.

Choose the Leader

One of the most experienced riders in the group, if not the most professional, should serve as the group’s leader. They will be the first to come into contact with oncoming or concurrent vehicles. They should therefore be able to react to other drivers on the road and securely lead the other riders through any issue the group encounters while traveling.

Limit the Number of Group Participants

If the group has less experienced members, five would be a fair number, and seven would be preferable if they are more experienced. Consider splitting the group into smaller groups if there are more riders than these numbers to increase safety and coordination.

Travel in an Uneven Formation

The group will experience straight, curved road stretches during the trip. During the straight segment, the lead rider should position themselves on the left third of the riding lane. Thanks to this, they will be able to monitor oncoming traffic or road debris and navigate around traffic in front of the group with the best visibility.

Prepare a Strategy in Case Any Group Members Get Lost

It might happen in congested traffic with other drivers or in an urban area where there are traffic lights. The first thing to keep in mind is not to freak out. Continue along the previously agreed-upon course, and if there is an experienced rider in the current sub-group, they should take the lead until the main group is again formed.

Proper Group Riding Conduct

Each rider should feel comfortable with the speed the group will ride when traveling. It was previously noted that each rider’s ability level needs to be considered within the group. It’s a huge burden to bear to feel forced and guilty for not wanting to ride at a speed faster than you feel comfortable.

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Motorcycle rides in groups only improve if you follow safe and well-planned procedures. Each group ride will be different due to the surroundings, and any changes in the group’s composition will result in new dynamics.

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