Small Retail Texas Companies: Why Do They Need Workers Comp Insurance

Several reasons exist why Texas employers must meet workers compensation insurance needs. The main reason is that all states require companies that hire employees to carry this liability coverage. It pays the medical bills for injuries that occur on the job. Here are important facts for small business owners in Texas to know about workers Read More

Tips for Buying Commercial Property Insurance in Texas!

When you buy commercial property in Texas, you need to make sure you protect it properly through an insurance company licensed to operate in the state. Since insurance can be a complex topic, it helps to work with an insurance expert who understands your industry. Here are essential tips to remember when buying commercial property Read More

How Does Business Insurance Cover Lost Wages During Interruption?

Any business can suffer downtime in a disaster, which can stop the flow of money. One way to protect your business from a financial shutdown is to get unique business insurance that covers lost revenue and wages. Here’s a look at business interruption insurance and how it can help your firm avoid a financial crisis. Read More

7 Reasons Umbrella Insurance Should Be Considered for Your Business

Business owners are always looking for new ways to protect their investments. While a business owner’s policy is the first thing they purchase, an umbrella policy is often the second. An umbrella policy offers several benefits that many business owners can count for that added level of protection. There are certain situations when having a Read More

Workers’ Compensation Benefits That You Need to Know About

Workers’ compensation insurance offers peace of mind to both employees as well as their employers. The benefits offered by this type of insurance are extensive and can help you and your employee makes it through a very difficult period. A good workers’ comp policy will protect regular employees, 1099 workers, subcontractors, and seasonal workers, as Read More