9 Tips to Cut Down Your Homeowners Insurance Costs

Higher insurance costs have often discouraged homeowners from purchasing any insurance at all. After all, the majority of people don’t think they’ll ever need it. However, you shouldn’t let that stop you from having sufficient security for your house and loved ones. The nine practical tips we’ll cover in this blog can help you significantly Read More

What Insurance Issues Should You Avoid Before Listing Your Home for Short-Term Rental?

More and more travelers are looking into temporary lodging that offers more than just a bed and a bathroom. Homeowners realize they can make a good amount of money if they choose to rent out their homes on a short-term basis. This can provide a nice little windfall, but it doesn’t come without risks. Making Read More

How Can Renovations Affect Your Homeowners Insurance?

Renovating your home may affect your homeowners insurance. Even minor changes can impact your home’s value and insurance premiums. Talk with your insurance provider to learn how you can improve your home and take advantage of potential discounts that will lower your premiums. Constructing a Swimming Pool Adding a swimming pool is one improvement that Read More

Can Your Neighborhood Affect Your Homeowners Insurance Rates?

Several factors determine your homeowners’ policy rates. One important factor is the location of your home. That’s because some areas are more likely to experience natural disasters than others. However, we usually overlook that the neighborhood too can affect home insurance rates. This article will help you understand how your neighborhood can affect your homeowners’ Read More

Is My Swimming Pool Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

A good homeowners policy will provide coverage for your swimming pool in a couple of ways. Any damage to your swimming pool caused by any of the named perils in your homeowners insurance policy will be covered. Your policy will also cover any liability claims related to your pool. This includes any medical expenses incurred Read More