Common Factors Related to Motorcycle Accidents & Motorcycle Insurance in Mesquite, TX

Many Texas residents enjoy riding motorcycles. In Mesquite, TX, riding motorcycles is a fun hobby that you can experience during any season. However, much like driving a car, operating a motorcycle does come with some risks. Unique road conditions are one of the variables that could lead to fatal consequences. If you’re a frequent motorcycle rider, learning about the facts that cause most motorcycle accidents can help keep you on your guard and keep you safe on the road. Here’s a closer look at what causes motorcycle accidents.

  • Some Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents on the Road

    Research shows that riders simply losing control of their motorcycle while speeding along with bad riding techniques make up the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. Loss of control accounts for more than 20 percent of all causes of loss claims. Moreover, collisions make up a substantial part of all claims, while rear-end and intersection collisions are also quite common. If you are planning to ride a motorcycle regularly, it’s recommended that you obtain motorcycle insurance.

  • What is Motorcycle Insurance?

    Motorcycle insurance gives you a safety net if something goes wrong with its multiple practical coverages. You are covered if your motorcycle accidentally injures someone or causes them any property damage. This liability coverage will cover the necessary medical treatment and damage repairs to prevent you from getting sued. Collision coverage protects your vehicle if your motorcycle is damaged through impact with another vehicle.

    It will also cover your vehicle damage repair costs. Comprehensive coverage protects your motorcycle in unique situations such as theft, vandalism, damage due to inclement weather, or damage caused by impact with an animal. You can also add different types of coverage to your policy, such as emergency roadside assistance or storage coverage.

  • Serious Injury Risks

    Recent research shows that head-on collisions have a high likelihood of causing serious and even fatal injuries. However, these types of collisions account for a small number of insurance claims. Common motorcycle accidents that often lead to injury are collisions, high-speed intersection accidents, and loss of control accidents.

  • Safe Riding Habits

    Regardless of where or how often you opt to ride your bike, safety should be one of your top priorities. It’s recommended that you always wear a helmet and other equipment while operating your motorcycle. It’s also important to pay attention to the road conditions. For example, try to avoid driving at high speeds when you’re riding on wet pavement. It’s also recommended that you pay attention to the behavior of other motorcycle riders and car drivers.

  • Riding in High Traffic Areas During Rush Hours

    Research shows that many motorcycle accidents and serious injuries occur between the afternoon and early evening hours on most days. This stat is attributed to motorcycle riders interacting with rush hour traffic. It’s recommended that you use proper hand signals to communicate your intentions on the road. This is especially important when you’re riding in crowded areas.

    Riding your motorcycle at night is also dangerous at times. Poor visibility in areas with limited to no lighting can cause serious accidents and potentially fatal injuries. Research shows that motorcyclists aren’t as visible during the night compared to car drivers. If you are riding at night, it’s recommended that you turn your headlights on and purchase reflective gear to ensure that other people on the road can see you.

  • Riding While Impaired

    Research indicates a rise in fatal accidents during the early morning hours. There is a correlation between bar and restaurants’ closing and accidents occurring. Many motorcyclists on the road have caused damage after midnight because they were under the influence. Avoid riding under the influence as you could be sent to jail or suffer more fatal consequences.

Consult with Family Financial Insurance Group

While riding a motorcycle can be a fun experience, there are some risks to be considered. It’s recommended that you stay cautious of your surroundings at all times to avoid accidents. If you have any questions about your insurance, contact the experts here at Family Financial Insurance Group, and we will assist you.

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