Does Your Teen Driver with a Learner’s Permit Need Vehicle Insurance?

Does your teen need auto insurance in Mesquite, TX?  The short answer is yes because all drivers, regardless of age or experience, must follow their state’s regulations on auto licensing and auto insurance minimums. Here are some important insights for ensuring that your teens have appropriate auto coverage even if they are learning to drive.

Notify Your Insurance Provider about Your Teen Driver

As a parent of a new driver in the family, you must notify your auto insurance agency when it’s time for your teen to get a learner’s permit. Some parents may assume coverage for family members is automatic, which is not necessarily true. It’s a good idea to notify your insurer and request to put your teen’s name on your policy. Discuss the matter with your insurer to find out about the availability of student discounts.

Please don’t allow your son or daughter to drive until your insurance agency has confirmed they are covered under your plan for at least as long as they take driving lessons. Once the teen has earned a permit, you can choose to set up a separate plan for them. Additionally, if your teen owns a vehicle with only their name in the title, you might need to buy a separate policy even if the teen has a learner’s permit.

Choosing the Perfect Car for Your Teenaged Driver

Part of the cost of auto insurance in Mesquite, TX, relates directly to the type of vehicle your teen drives. Rates will be higher for a sports car and lower for a modest family car. One of the reasons the rate is higher for sports cars is because young drivers like them for speeding, which insurers are aware of. Another risk is that expensive and fancy cars are targets for criminals to steal or sabotage. If you are purchasing a new car for your teen, first research what the rates will be for various options. It is best to opt for a sturdier vehicle with better safety features.

How Does a New Driver Impact Your Car Insurance?

Your monthly insurance costs can rise noticeably as a result of adding a teen to your policy. Teens, in general, are viewed as high-risk drivers by insurance agencies, and there are plenty of grim traffic collision statistics involving teens to support a cautious view. Statistics show male teens get in more accidents and get cited for violations more than female teens. Males tend to drive cars more than girls.

So don’t be surprised if adding a male teen to your policy could raise your insurance costs by 100%, whereas adding a female teen could increase the rate by 50%. These figures come from the Insurance Information Institute. There are various opportunities insurers offer in terms of student discounts, such as for students with a B average or better and for drivers with good driving records. Some states offer a defensive driving course that can further lower insurance rates.

Let your teen know about the value of insurance to prepare them for the adult world. Contact our insurance experts at Family Financial Insurance Group for more information about getting the right auto insurance in Mesquite, TX, for your son or daughter.

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