Homeowners Insurance in Texas: Understanding the Coverage & Costs

Your home and its content represent a lifetime of valuable financial investment. Homeowners insurance is the best way to protect yourself from any form of financial loss resulting from the damages to your home or possessions. Purchasing a quality homeowners policy will reimburse you for specific types of damage caused by covered perils. It will also cover you if an accident occurs and someone gets injured while visiting your property.

What Does Texas Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Most Texas homeowners insurance policies are written to provide coverage for your home and its content. Flood and earthquake insurance are separate policies and must be purchased in addition to your basic coverage. Your standard home insurance policy will cover

  • Sheds and detached garages
  • Personal possessions that include your clothing and electronics
  • Temporary living expenses while your home is undergoing repair
  • Third-party injuries caused by dog bites, slip and fall accidents, etc.
  • Other liability claims

What If You Need More Coverage?

Though your standard home insurance will cover your home and its content for all of the covered perils, there are some instances where you may need additional coverage. These include:

    • Coverage for your home-based business
    • Earthquake and flood insurance
    • Coverage for expensive jewelry, artwork, antiques and other valuable items

How to Save Money on Home Insurance?

Secure Your Home

Adding security features to your home helps attract discounts on premiums. This is because such features forewarn you of potential dangers such as fire or theft, thus reducing the risks borne by your insurer, who in return awards your vigilance with lower premiums.

The following are a few ways in which you can secure your home

  • Install a home security system with a third-party monitoring service
  • Add a few extra outdoor lights to prevent burglars from sneaking up to your home without being seen
  • Place fire extinguishers and smoke alarms throughout your home

Bundle Your Policies

You can also save money by buying and bundling multiple policies from the same insurer. Bundling helps your insurer save on administrative costs. They pass the convenience on to you, allowing you to pay for all of your insurance policies with one monthly payment.

If you live in Texas and want to understand more about your homeowners insurance, you can always call the professionals at Family Financial Insurance Group. From your basic policy to additional coverage, our experts can help you protect all of your assets completely. You can rely on our agents to help you determine how much additional insurance you may need when it comes to protecting your home from specific events. Contact us today to get started!

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