7 Homeowners Thanksgiving Safety Tips to Protect Your Family

Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate everything we have. Gathering with our family and friends gives us a chance to catch up on everything that has happened during the year. Sometimes, while we are wrapped up in conversation, we can forget important safety tips. Take a few minutes to think about some of the risks you face on a regular basis. When you get together this year, be mindful of what you’re doing, and stay safe as you celebrate.

Watch Your Stove

Keep an eye on your stove while you are cooking. Turn your handles toward the center so you won’t bump into your pans while they are hot. Have a fire extinguisher close by in case something gets too hot on the stove.

Grill and Deep Fry Outside

Keep your grill and deep fryer outside. Moving them into the garage can create a major fire hazard. Not to mention, the use of propane is dangerous inside a closed area. Put your gas grill and deep fryer far enough away from your home that they are not a fire hazard.

Reduce Your Risk of Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is another major problem around the holidays. If you are preparing chicken or turkey, always clean and disinfect your surfaces and utensils when you are finished. You should also be careful when cooking your poultry which can contain harmful bacteria that lead to food poisoning.

Don’t Play with Knives

During the holidays, you will be using your knives a lot. Always make sure you set them far enough back on the counter so that children can’t reach them. When you are cutting meat and vegetables, wash your hands carefully so that your hands won’t slip. When you are finished washing your knives, dry them and put them up right away to prevent cutting yourself later.

Eliminate Clutter

Eliminate clutter off of surfaces and keep things picked up off of your floors. This will prevent tripping hazards and keep your home looking neat and tidy for guests. Keeping walkways free from clutter will allow people to walk through your home without fear of falling or bumping into something.

Designate Parking Areas

If you are having guests over for the holiday, designate parking areas so everyone can get in and out easily without risking bumping into another vehicle. It will also ensure that you have enough parking spaces for all of your guests.

Keep Your Home Secure

Keep your home secure by installing a DIY home security system and a video camera or two. Make sure that your doors and windows are locked if you are going away for the day. A video doorbell is a great way to keep an eye on your front door.

Be Aware of Risks

It’s important to always be aware of your surroundings and mitigate any possible risks you may encounter. Being mindful of your environment is the best safety tip of all. This applies all year long, not just during Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

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