How to Deal with a Car Breakdown at Night

Any situation that causes your car to break down is never enjoyable. The last thing you want to deal with when traveling at night, especially alone, is a vehicle breakdown. For inexperienced drivers, a car breakdown on a deserted road may be terrifying. When you’re alone, the situation can seem even tense. We’ve included some helpful advice for you to use in case you find yourself trapped in such an unfortunate circumstance to protect your safety.

Find a Secure Parking Spot

When you experience a breakdown, you must be entirely off the road. Disabled automobiles are particularly vulnerable at night. Even if you are blameless, you won’t be in good shape if a vehicle is speeding by you and hits you. So try to park your to the side of the road away from traffic.

Alert Other Drivers

You can place flares or reflective triangles around your vehicle after exiting the passenger side. It is preferable to wait it out with your hazards on if you feel the risk is too big due to impending traffic.

The Emergency Kit

It is preferable to take preventative measures up front rather than searching for a fix later. If your automobile breaks down, having an emergency kit packed and kept in your trunk can be helpful. Be sure to pack the kit with necessities like a first aid kit, non-perishable food, and water. A faulty battery is frequently the cause of an automobile failure. Therefore, be careful to have jumper wires in your emergency pack.

Be Vigilant

Be alert and aware of your surroundings, whether you are driving or changing a tire outside. It is preferable to remain in your car unless you are confident you can fix the problem and restart your car on your own, such as by tightening a loose battery connector. While waiting for assistance, you should lock the doors for your safety. Keep your phone nearby, and if you feel insecure or are perhaps in a dangerous situation, dial 911 right away.

Share Your Location

While you wait for the tow truck to arrive, let a friend or family member know where you are. Don’t hesitate to contact the police if you are a lone female or a vulnerable individual and feel unsafe while waiting. Therefore, if something goes wrong, the police will be aware of your general location and will direct a patrol car your way.

There is no convenient breakdown, yet certain situations are worse than others. As soon as you have parked your car on the side of the road, you must remain cool, call the police, and request emergency help services. To find out if you need emergency roadside assistance, contact your insurance company.

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