How to Keep Your Trailer Cool During the Summer?

Now that summer is here, keeping your RV camper cool is likely at the top of your priority list.

The temperature is already rising, and some portions of the United States recorded heat waves like never before, and even areas that don’t usually get hot are perspiring.

Don’t sweat it if your RV is overheating this summer; here are some of our top methods for keeping your trailer cool:

Park It in the Shade

Parking your RV in the shade is one of the most excellent methods to keep it cool in the summer and your air conditioner running properly. Although it may not appear, shading will significantly aid in cooling your RV’s interior. When your air conditioner isn’t fighting the heat of direct sunshine, it works considerably more efficiently.

Buy a Portable Fan

Consider purchasing inexpensive fans if you’re wondering how to keep your RV cool in the summer on a budget. A modest portable fan can help move warm air, produce wind, and cool your RV. Set up one fan in a window looking inward to suck cool air in and one fan pointing outward to pump hot air out of your RV throughout the evening.

Keep Your Cooling System Efficient

Maintain the efficiency of your cooling system if you have one. Proper maintenance can assist you in optimizing your cooling system and extracting the coolest air possible. Keep all filters clean to keep your air conditioning system in good working order. This improves the efficiency of the unit and makes cooling your RV easier. Inspect filters regularly and clean or replace them as needed.

Clean Fridge Vents Frequently

The refrigerator is one of the significant heat producers in an RV. The fridge must release massive amounts of heat to keep your food chilly. This heat emanates from the device and spreads throughout your RV, boosting the temperature. Keep your RV fridge vent as clean as possible so that heat can escape correctly. Inspect the vent regularly to ensure it hasn’t accumulated dirt and debris from your travels.

Make Use of an Awning Shade Cloth

As the sun sets, your awning will struggle to give constant shade. Shade cloth provides more shade to your awning and adds a layer of privacy to your outdoor space. Remember that, like your awning, you should avoid hanging out your shade cloth on a windy day.

Use LED lights

LEDs produce a quarter of the heat that incandescent lights do. LED lighting is more energy-efficient and helps make your RV cooler in the summer. Additionally, while considering energy conservation, remember to turn off lights during the day and only use electricity when required.

Stay Cool!

Summer travel typically results in life-affirming memories and exhilarating experiences, but the unrelenting heat may undoubtedly lead to emotions of sweating discomfort. Hopefully, you now understand how to keep your RV cool in the summer without melting. If you are looking to get insurance for your RV, contact us at Family Financial Insurance Group today.

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