Is Texas Insurance Sufficient for Civil Disorders?

Texas is the largest state in the country and many social issues are starting to influence the community.

It’s important to learn about how the political climate may impact the future of the state. Research shows that violent riots and protests are starting to occur more frequently across the state. Perhaps you are curious if Texas insurance coverage protects you in these situations. Here’s an overview.

Texas Insurance for Civil Damages

Texas insurance coverage generally protects your property if it’s stolen or damaged during a civil protest or riot. Perhaps you are a business owner, and you are concerned about whether your property is covered if a riot starts in the area. You can add Texas insurance coverage to your Business Owners Policy. However, there may be potential complications. Hence, you may need to consider specific insurance policies to cover all the damages.

Insurance Coverages for Civil Unrest

  1. Home Insurance

    Basic home insurance and renter’s insurance will cover any damage that occurs as a result of a civil riot or protest. It’s recommended that you research your policy carefully. Issues such as rioting, vandalism, explosion, and damage with malicious intent are included in home and renter’s insurance policies. While the structure and your personal items are covered, there may be potential exclusions.

    If the riot becomes so intense that an uprising against the government may occur, many insurance policies exclude damages caused by those types of actions. Any property damage may not be covered as well. It’s recommended that you assess your Texas insurance coverage deductions and policy limits to ensure that you are fully protected. You may need to add extra coverage to cover luxury items such as antiques against potential damages.

  2. Auto Insurance

    Comprehensive auto insurance covers you if your vehicle is damaged due to rioting and another civil conflict. You will be covered up to the policy limit minus your deductible.

  3. Commercial Insurance

    Civil tension can be a major headache for business owners. That’s why it is so important to have a strong Business Owners Policy to cover you if your property suffers riot damage. While civil damage may be covered under standard business insurance, you may need to amend your policy and purchase special coverage in order to stay protected against other types of damage.

    Special damage to your generator may require you to purchase business interruption coverage. Any damages due to looting are commonly covered through standard commercial insurance, though you may need to amend your policy. Purchasing supplemental coverage is recommended in most cases.

Things to Consider

Rioting is always a dangerous act. Why the act is considered a reaction to social change, rioting generally leads to negative consequences. Texas insurance coverage can help protect your investments during these troubling situations. It’s recommended that you inquire with your insurer about purchasing emergency coverage so that you will have a plan in place if something goes wrong.

Consult with Family Financial Insurance Group to Cover Your Belongings During Civil Unrest

Texas insurance coverage may serve as a safety net when something goes wrong. The team here at Family Financial Insurance Group will help you find the right policy to cover your assets. Contact us today to get started!

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