Common Small Business Insurance Myths Busted

Several myths surround business insurance for small businesses. While it can be a little confusing when you first go through your business insurance policy, things will become clear if you allow your agent to go over your policy with you and explain the details. The more you understand your policy and how it works, the Read More

How Can Renovations Affect Your Homeowners Insurance?

Renovating your home may affect your homeowners insurance. Even minor changes can impact your home’s value and insurance premiums. Talk with your insurance provider to learn how you can improve your home and take advantage of potential discounts that will lower your premiums. Constructing a Swimming Pool Adding a swimming pool is one improvement that Read More

How to Keep Your Trailer Cool During the Summer?

Now that summer is here, keeping your RV camper cool is likely at the top of your priority list. The temperature is already rising, and some portions of the United States recorded heat waves like never before, and even areas that don’t usually get hot are perspiring. Don’t sweat it if your RV is overheating Read More

Tips That Will Help You Save Money on Motorcycle Insurance

So you’ve caught the bug and decided to buy yourself a  motorcycle. You must ensure your safety because two-wheelers are more prone to accidents. You also want to ensure your investment is safeguarded in case of an accident. This includes looking into motorbike insurance to protect your new ride. Here are the five most effective Read More

Safety Tips for Outdoor Workers in the Summer

If you work in the hot summer sun, you run the risk of heat illness. You can use several safety tips to protect yourself from heat exhaustion. When your job requires that you work in high temperatures, use as many of the following safety tips as possible to keep yourself safe and healthy. Drink Plenty Read More