Popular Discounts that Can Save You Money on Auto Premiums

Car insurance helps you protect one of your most valuable assets. However, finding a good policy that aligns with your finances can be stressful because of many variables to consider. Luckily, there are a few discounts you may qualify for to help you save money. The following tips can help you save money on car insurance in Mesquite, TX.

  • Multiple Policies

    Research shows that many insurance companies offer multiple policy discounts to reward loyal customers. For example, you may receive a discount if you purchase your home and auto insurance from the same company. In addition, bundling policies can help you save money.

  • Driving Less Often

    Many companies offer discounts to drivers who put a low number of miles on their cars every year. You may qualify for a policy centered around the number of miles you drive every year. Driving less frequently can help you save money.

  • Practicing Safe Driving

    If you practice safe driving habits, you should qualify for a discount. If you have no at-fault accidents or traffic tickets on your record, your car insurance in Mesquite TX premiums should stay low.

  • Maintaining Good Grades

    As a student, studying helps keep your auto insurance costs down. Insurance companies often offer discounts to drivers who maintain good grades. The discounts benefit teen drivers and young adults up to age 25.

  • Early Renewal

    Waiting until your auto insurance expires to switch carriers is not a good idea. You could have a gap where you are driving without insurance, which is illegal. You may qualify for a discount if you sign up for your new policy before your old policy lapses. Paying your entire premium at once instead of installments can also help you save money.

  • Upgraded Security Features

    Adding the newest security features to your vehicles, such as an anti-theft device or alarm system, can help you qualify for a discount. Adding the latest security features can help prevent your vehicle from being stolen or vandalized.

  • Enhanced Auto Features

    You may qualify for a discount if your vehicle is equipped with the latest auto safety features. Common examples include airbags, anti-lock brakes, and cut-off engine systems.

  • Telematics

    Telematics is a system designed to analyze driving habits and other data. You will also receive access to different rewards and discounts as well as receive personal feedback. If you enlist in a program with your insurer, you may save money through discounts and rewards.

There are several ways to save money on your car insurance in Mesquite, TX. Contact our insurance experts at Family Financial Insurance Group if you need to purchase an auto insurance plan or need to update your existing policy. We can assess your situation and help you find all the discounts you qualify for before you purchase or update your auto insurance.

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