Practical Ways to Prevent Business Theft and Burglary

As a business owner, no matter the scale of your business, the issue of theft and burglary should not be new to you. It can come from unexpected people, your employees, customers, or even competitors. Theft and burglary also affect or two on businesses. Since the risks cannot be removed, one should prevent them. This post contains ways to prevent business theft and burglary, hence business insurance prevention. Read on to find out more!

  • Install Good Quality Security and Alarm Systems

    One major way to prevent business theft and burglary is installing alarm systems. It will discourage intruders from breaking into your business. They are cheap to get and can be controlled from any digital device.

    Getting an alarm system also helps minimize business insurance premiums. If the theft cases are reduced, your insurer will consider your business a low-risk one, and hence, the insurance cost is reduced.

  • Properly Inspect All Entry Points Before Leaving The Building

    Only on rare occasions are cases of theft planned. Most times, they are just opportunistic crimes. These criminals are always on the lookout for unlocked buildings and car doors.

    It would help if you didn’t allow them to steal from you by leaving entry points open. Double-check doors before leaving the building to ascertain they are locked.

  • Know Where Your Office-Related Keys Are

    Monitor every key given to your employees and make sure they are returned. There have been cases of employees coming back to steal from their employers because they have access to the building, which should not be the case with you. If you cannot trace back your keys, you might as well change the locks to restrict access.

    Alternatively, you can install an access control system that will allow only authorized people into certain areas. It will help in minimizing business insurance premiums and protect your business from the risk theft

  • Do Proper Background Checks on Your Employees

    Most cases of successful theft are those done by trustees of the victims. This is why you need to occasionally do a background check on all your employees. Especially those just joining the team or have access to financial records. Background checks are one way to protect your business from theft and burglary.

  • Have Cameras Installed

    Similar to alarm systems, installing CCTVs will discourage thieves and burglars from carrying out their acts. CCTV provides surveillance during and after working hours.

    The cameras should be strategically placed to identify those entering and leaving the building or areas in the building. Footage should also not be stored in the building, and the chances are that the thief will remove the footage from the storage after stealing.

  • Evaluate Outdoor Features

    This option may not look like much, but it goes a long way in business insurance prevention. Evaluating the landscape will prevent business theft and burglary. If the outdoor has hiding spots, you should consider removing those areas. Hedges should be trimmed down, and dark corners should be lit. Motion sensors should be installed in areas far from the CCTV’s vantage point.

Business insurance is the best way to protect your business from financial damage and other liabilities. At Family Financial Insurance Group, we have just the right kind of insurance coverage your business needs. Contact us today to get a quote for free!

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