Simple Tips to Avoid Common Holiday Disasters at Home

Most holiday disasters can easily be averted if you think ahead and take extra care to prevent common household hazards. Taking a few minutes to check on things in your home before you go to bed or leave for work can prevent various mishaps that are common during the holidays. Simple things like keeping matches and other flammable items out of reach when you have children around can protect your home and keep your family safe. This article provides some simple tips to avert some common holiday disasters.

Avoid Using Extension Cords as Much as You Can

Finding places to plug in your Christmas decorations may lead you to use multiple extension cords during the holiday season. Don’t overload your extension cords or wall outlets. Instead, use surge protectors to minimize using extension cords and keep the risk of fire to a minimum. Curtailing the use of extra cords will reduce the fire risk and eliminate tripping hazards throughout your home.

Always Keep Your Valuables Away from Prying Eyes of Burglars

When you are out shopping, make sure to put your valuables in the trunk and keep them out of sight. The same is true of items in your home. If you have purchased costly jewelry or the latest electronic games or toys, make sure to put them in a closet or under a blanket. Keeping items out of sight is the best way to prevent theft. When things are in plain sight, they may be tempting to a burglar. If you are traveling during the holidays, take proper precautions and ask a neighbor to watch your home.

Never Leave Candles or Other Fire Sources Unattended

One of the biggest hazards around the holidays is fire. Burning candles, a plugged chimney, or a blocked dryer vent can increase the risk of fire. Burn out candles, clean your chimney before you light the first fire of the year, and clean your dryer hose once every couple of months. Keep space heaters away from flammable materials, and make sure the handles of all your pots and pans on the stove are turned toward the center to prevent children from being burned.

Avert Potential Disasters by Maintaining Your Home Properly

Your chimneys and dryer vents can pose a problem at any time, not just during the holidays. This is also true of your fireplace and furnace as well. Keep your fireplace as clean as possible, and make sure the flue is open when you start a fire. Change your furnace filters once a month to prevent dust and debris from building up within the system. It also doesn’t hurt to have your home inspected every few years to ensure everything is in good working order. Install fire extinguishers in your kitchen and basement and also near your fireplace for added protection.

Keeping your home secure during the holidays means being proactive regarding some of the most traditional holiday disasters. Talk to our insurance professionals at Family Financial Insurance Group to find out different ways you can protect your home and family during the holidays. We can give you all the essential tips and tricks you need to prevent many of the most common accidents and also personalize your home insurance policy to ensure it covers you against most such mishaps.

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