The Link Between Rising Construction Costs and Home Insurance Rates

The cost of insuring your home is rising. There are a few reasons for this, but the increase in cost can be substantial when you bring them all together. Understanding every factor will help you make wise decisions regarding purchasing sufficient coverage for your home and possessions. Taking a few minutes to talk to an insurance professional and doing a little research will ensure that you have the coverage you need. This article discusses how home insurance construction costs affect home insurance rates.

Expense Incurred for Materials

One of the highest costs of rebuilding a home is regarding the materials. With the cost of materials steadily rising, the increase in pricing will be passed on to you. If the inventory of certain types of materials begins to drop, this can be a primary factor in how quickly the cost of materials rises. If property prices begin to rise, the cost of materials will go along with them. The cost of materials will be passed down to the customer, just like other business costs.

Labor Costs

Labor costs are also a major concern. When skilled tradespeople are in high demand, their prices begin to increase. In some cases, the cost of hiring qualified laborers and tradespeople has risen significantly across the board. When it came to the COVID pandemic, many skilled tradespeople were laid off due to shutdowns. Others left the industry because of safety mandates. This resulted in a rise in labor costs across the board. The increased costs of labor will also be transferred to the homeowner. The type of coverage you have will determine how much of it is passed on to you.

Claims’ Cost

Just like everything else in life, the cost of filing claims will also continue to rise. Insurance companies increase their costs just like every other business. The paying out of claims is also rather costly. With the cost of everything on the rise, many people don’t have sufficient coverage to pay for everything they want to replace after a fire or other types of disaster. It’s important to evaluate your policy every year or so, ensuring that the amount of coverage you have stays in line with the rising cost of your insurance and other materials.

Cash Value as Compared to Replacement Costs

Cash value and replacement costs are two different things when it comes to homeowners insurance. Cash value will pay you the current value of your home at the time of the event. In most cases, especially with the rising cost of labor and materials, this will not be enough to replace your home to its current condition. If you want to rebuild your home after a disaster, you will need to insure it for its replacement costs. This could be a significantly larger amount than its current cash value. Knowing the difference will save you a lot of frustration and confusion if you ever have to file a claim.

Understanding why construction costs impact your homeowners’ insurance will help you determine how much coverage you will actually need. Call the agents at Family Financial Insurance Group today and get the answers to all of your questions. It’s better to know before an accident occurs than to find out when you file a claim. Our agent will help you acquire a thorough policy review. You will know where you stand and can adjust your coverage as needed.

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