Tips on How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

A work-related injury will need to be documented and a claim filed with your company’s insurer if you plan on drawing Workers’ Compensation. There are a few steps you will need to take to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. Working with both your employer and the insurance company is the best way to keep the process moving forward smoothly. Here are some essential tips on handling a workers’ insurance claim.

Report the Injury to Your Supervisor/Employer Immediately

The first step in the process is to inform your employer of the accident as soon as it occurs. This will allow them to document the scene as it was when the accident happened. You and your employer will want to take pictures of the area to support your documentation. This will be important if there are any questions about the scene during the claims process.

File Your Claim Properly and Within the Stipulated Time

Once you have talked to your employer, you will want to move forward with filing your claim. There are deadlines to be met throughout the filing process, so you will have to stay on top of things as the process moves forward. Time is of the essence, especially when receiving medical treatment.

Create a File for Your Records and Keep Accurate Documentation

The next step is to create a file for your records. Take notes, and keep accurate records for every medical appointment, meeting, or improvement made during the healing process. Keeping accurate records is extremely important and will help you maintain your credibility throughout the claim process.

Visit Your Doctor or the Urgent Care Clinic/ Emergency Room Immediately

The severity of your injury will determine where this step falls in the process. If your injury is severe, have someone report to your supervisor and call 911 or go straight to the emergency room. If the injury is not life-threatening, go and speak to your supervisor, then schedule an appointment with your primary doctor or go to an urgent care facility as soon as you can and get the treatment you need.

Accurately Explain How You Were Injured

Make sure you accurately document your injury and how it occurred. You can do this by writing down all the details and taking photographs of the scene and your injuries. It’s also a good idea to get statements from any witnesses. You can record them or have the person write it out and sign their name and the date at the bottom.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim is not difficult if you follow all the steps and meet the required deadlines. Our insurance professionals at Family Financial Insurance Group are available to guide you through the claim process and ensure that you include everything required for your claim to be approved. Call us today and schedule an appointment to get the claim process started. Our team is always at your service.

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